Doctor Who Minecraft (The Animated Series) is an upcoming Australian YouTube series created by YouTuber "Double A Studios" the series is based on the TV show Doctor Who but this version is a minecraft animated version of the show with different story lines,aliens etc. in the series we introduce The Doctor (11th Incarnation) and his companion Tom Smith (New companion) the TARDIS and lots of astonishing creatures except the bad ones such as The Daleks,Cybermen and many more. It is will also be the prequel to the upcoming Minecraft: Heroes Unite.

 Cast Edit

Season 1 Edit


  • The Thirteenth Doctor (Minecraft Incarnation) - Aidan Pigdon
  • Tom Smith (New Companion) - TBA
  • The "Missy" Mistress (The Master) - TBA


  • Android 16 (Episode 1) - TBA
  • Android 19 (Episode 1) - TBA
  • Clockwork Angel (Episode 1/Leader Of Androids) - TBA
  • Cybermen (Voice Over) - TBA
  • The Daleks (Voice Over) - TBA
  • River Monster (Voice Over) - TBA
  • Robot Knights (Voice Over) - TBA

 Production Edit

The series is currently being animated by one person and that is Double A Studios (Aidan Pigdon),who is also playing the role of the 11th Doctor, animating has started December 3 2014 and is nearly finishing episode 1 (final scene) . The series is being produced by Double A Studios.

List Of Episodes  Edit

Season 1 Edit

  • Episode 1 - "Dawn Of The Doctor"
  • Episode 2 - "The Dalek Incursion"
  • Episode 3 - "The Dalek Evoulution"
  • Episode 4 - "TBA"
  • Episode 5 - "TBA"
  • Episode 6 - "House Of Nightmares"
  • Episode 7 - "TBA"
  • Episode 8 - "TBA"
  • Episode 9 - "TBA"
  • Episode 10 - "TBA"
  • Episode 11- "TBA"
  • Episode 12 - "TBA"
  • Episode 13 - "TBA" (Possible Special)

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